Strip Out

Strip Out

We can strip out commercial properties, and complete office strip outs and factory strip out projects efficiently and effectively.

I & I’s team can also remove pallet racking and shelving, get rid of scrap metal machinery and other industrial machinery, as well as carry out retail and household strip out work.

Once our team has started a job, we leave buildings in the perfect condition for renovation, conversion and reuse.

Professional Service

No matter what service you require our team has the experience to tailor a suitable package to meet your budget whilst delivering an exceptional service.

Certified Experience

As one of the leading construction companies in London, we deliver on our clients’ expectation, offering precise project management ensuring quality is always achieved and attention to cost and budget is maintained throughout.

Competitive Pricing

We are able to offer a wide range of services at competitive prices, so you only need to come to one company for all your building needs.