We provide design and build solutions.

We design, construct, refurbish and operate outstanding buildings.

Building contractors in London

Are you ready to improve the look and value of your home by adding a new deck, roof, siding or addition? Whatever your residential construction needs might be, we can help you repair, restore or build just about anything for your home and provide design and build solutions.


We understand that residential construction is usually a choice, we can definitely help you with it.


We can strip out commercial properties, and complete office strip outs and factory strip out projects efficiently and effectively.

I & I’s team can also remove pallet racking and shelving, get rid of scrap metal machinery and other industrial machinery, as well as carry out retail and household strip out work.

Once our team has started a job, we leave buildings in the perfect condition for renovation, conversion and reuse.


Design and Build Solutions

We can handle projects of all sizes efficiently, at the best possible value and to your timescales, all the while working with maximum consideration to your surroundings and respect to the environment.

This includes optimising site waste and materials reclamation. We can also handle the specialist, sometimes unforeseen elements of your demolition and site clearance such as removal of asbestos and other hazardous materials.


Soft Demolition of any structure involves the removal of internal fixtures and fittings, and follow a robust waste management plan that recycles a high percentage of building waste.

Our skill set also includes the careful dismantling of listed building where time and consideration will always be a priority.

Whether your project is in occupied, urbanised,  rural or city centre I & I have the capability to work in the most challenging of environments.